Magic and Desires!

Let’s be honest here for a moment shall we? Most of us who practice magic do so because we wish to achieve what our hearts desire. Rather it be love, money, power, or knowledge, we all have desires that we want to accomplish but these are often for people who don’t practice magic are misinterpreted. […]

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Qliphothic Initiation and Dreams!

Hey guys; well, I finally did it. Last night I initiated myself into the Qliphothic realm via Asenath’s book of Qliphothic Meditations. While I necessarily didn’t feel anything during the opening/initiation ritual. It was my dreams that really showed the initiation. I plan to start with the first Qlipha which is Lilith and consists with […]

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Verge of a Breakthrough!

As I spent most of last week preparing myself and strengthening my chakras’ for a Kundalini rising, (as I now am feeling more and more of my energy rushing up and down my spine when I call Lilith for dream travel when going to be), I have started to notice that I am coming close […]

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